Mateo de Vallescar




Barcelona 1961.

Architect (UNAM), has worked in Architecture, as a draftsman and graphic designer during years. Since his first exhibition in Mexico in 1988, he has dedicated all his life to painting. After Mexico, where he grew up, he has lived for years in Barcelona, in Switzerland, and actually lives and works in Majorca.

His personal research is inspired on the primitive way of understanding painting.

In his “Earth Paintings”, the subject is mainly the relationship between man and Nature, how to maintain the sacred balance, and the earthy colors and textures of the backgrounds are inspired from the rich and extraordinary colors of Majorca. The magic of the ancient cultures of Mexico is also present in this works, and the “The Jaguar”, symbol of force and protection for the Mayas, becomes one of his favorite characters. Then came need to sign the works in a different and more simple way: “SIMBA”, which means lion in an African language.

After many years working on this Earth Paintings, there is a new need to work again with color, as in the very first paintings. But he is interested on the simple and direct impact of color, like in primitive paintings, aboriginal handcrafts or the amazing paintings of children. The first paintings are in blue, which becomes the natural way to name the new works of this period: “Blue Paintings”. And little by little the other colors start to appear. In a way, earth and water finally complement each other.

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